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We truly believe the dinner table is the heart of any home, and David and Kelley delivered that for us. They worked closely with us to choose the right piece of wood to fit our needs and designed it so that we could use part as a serving table or an extension for holiday meals. To say that we are pleased is a true understatement. The beauty of this table will be celebrated for generations to come.

Mims and Marie - Lacey, Washington

live edge dining table and live edge buffet table


My wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a custom dining room table and we couldn't be happier with the entire experience. From selecting a very special walnut slab, to the custom leg design, to delivery. Our new table is a centerpiece in our home. We were so happy we had David and Kelley make us a custom barn style door from a spectacular slab of Mahogany they sourced specifically for our home. It required some special installation pieces and everything came out beyond our dreams. These are heirloom furniture pieces we'll hand down to our children and no doubt for generations to come. Add the quality craftsmanship with their family friendly personalities and you have a winning team. Thank you so very much.

Jill & Mark - Gig Harbor, Washington

slab dining table, live edge door, solid wood desktop


Cannot adequately describe the beauty of our walnut table and benches. David is a true artist. We extensively looked at live edge tables on the internet, and the table David made for us far exceeds what we found on-line and at a local retailer. David and Kelley could not be nicer people and deliver and assemble the table in your home. Simply beautiful, truly outstanding.

Jon and Toni- Seabeck, WA

live edge dining table with benches


Dave and Kelley are an awesome team. We have the greatest table mankind has ever seen! We are extremely satisfied with everything and can’t wait for all the family memories that will be built around this table. It is a work of art we use every day. You guys knocked it out of the park! Thank you again.

Warmest regards from the Edwards family (via Google Reviews)

Cody E.

live edge dining table with slab benches


We started by getting our house on the beach. As we started the renovation, we took great care with all the details. We tried to get as much done by local wood workers and made in the USA. We knew we needed a dining table (all purpose) and we knew we wanted a statement piece. That brought us to David and Kelly and a visit to their shop. We explained what we wanted and they delivered on the right sized table for the space available.

It was grown and brought to life by David and Kelly - an All American table, right down to the individual design of the table legs. There were several visits to their shop as we were looking to do a statement table and benches for our deck with a marine finish. We wanted a piece that would reflect the waves of the water with a fiery look. David spent a lot of time thinking about the legs and gave us various options. All this thought gave us this statement piece.

Well, it did not end there. We also were looking for a coffee table. David and Kelly again delivered a fantastic looking piece of furniture. Care was taken to deliver each piece.

We have friends who have come to the house and have been blown away by our tables created by David and Kelly. We have recommended them to friends and highly recommend them. They delivered our All American (grown and made in the USA) tables that make us very proud.

Bob and Stephanie G. - Bremerton, Wa.

natural edge dining table, slab patio set, and live edge coffee table


We can not say enough good things about our custom table and benches and working with David & Kelley in general! Our table is beautifully unique and is the centerpiece of our open layout home. We felt welcomed from our first visit into the workshop and every other time we popped in just to see and discuss the progress. David and Kelley have great rapport and we enjoyed both working and visiting with them. They were receptive to our requests and were able to find matching wood to craft benches for our table which was a last minute request. They are the go to shop if you really want a one of a kind stunning table!

Sam & Ashley - Gig Harbor, WA

natural edge dining table with slab benches


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! WOW!!!!! We’re Still Speechless!!!! The Wine Table that David and Kelley Created for Us is Totally One of A Kind!!!! Their Attention to Detail and Craftsmanship is Extremely Remarkable!!!! They Take the Time to Listen to what you want Your Design to look like. We Stated We Wanted a Unique Table to Show Off Our Wine Room… Something “Kinky”☺ (Unusual with Lots of Holes). They went Above and Beyond finding the right piece of Wood… They Will Never Forget that Adventure☺ We had a Wonderful Experience Throughout the Entire Project with the Family. Their “Little Man,” Benjamin (We called him Mr. Transporter) was Always a Delight and it was Fun Watching the Family Work Together!!! We Have Gotten Sooooooooo Many Wonderful Comments on Our “Kinky” Wine Table!!! It Definitely is the Centerpiece of the Room!!! It’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! All We Can Say Now is……….Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for a Job Well Done!!!!! We're Forever Appreciative!!!! YES…You're All ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

— Forever Appreciative...Cathy and Steve G. - Olalla, WA

live edge wine tasting table


Outside the box took our idea of a desk and a small sketch we had and turned it into a dream desk. They took their time in making our desk and put our thoughts into reality. They even improved on our idea and added a removable drawer so that I can always change my computer location. The quality of the desk is stunning and their craftsmanship is immaculate not to mention they are great to deal with and very friendly. This is a family owned business who shows their pride of wood working in the items they build!!

— Sprinx Fire Protection - Gig Harbor, WA

solid wood office desk


We were looking to invest in an heirloom-quality dining table and wanted something local. We couldn’t be happier with the final product! David and Kelley helped us work through our Ideas and asked us questions so they could understand what our family would need and what was possible within our budget. It was so fun to be part of the design process - and it makes the table we have that much more special to us. When they delivered the table it was such an exciting day to see how it all came together, and they were just as excited as we were about how it turned out!

— Drew and Amber - Tacoma, WA

solid wood dining table with bench


We absolutely love our live edge table with the distinctive Z legs. working with the Samudosky family was a joy. From inception to delivery David and Kelley went out of their way to make sure the process ran smoothly. The table fits beautifully with our surrounding wood and decor but is distinctive in the way a quality piece should be due to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of each element of design and woodwork. The highlight of the experience was when Benjamin helped to deliver it to our home. He rearranged some coasters as he does so well and we shared some blueberries.

— Kent & Bernadette Peterson. - Fox Island, WA

live edge console table


Artistry, craftsmanship and customer service are a few words that describe our experience working with David and Kelley at Outside the Box Woodworking. The care and attention to detail they place in their work is evident in the live edge dining room table we commissioned. I strongly encourage anyone interested in adding a beautiful hand crafted wood centerpiece to their home to visit Outside The Box Woodworking.

— Lynne and Rick - Gig Harbor, WA

live edge dining table


Our first encounter with "Outside The Box Woodworking" was fascinating. David and Kelley welcomed us warmly and made us feel at home. New to Tacoma, after selling our home in the midwest, we were just exploring the surrounding communities. That serendipitous stop in Gig Harbor began a magnetic pull toward their family business. We found ourselves drawn there whenever we passed by.  We both come from generations which have worked with (and deeply appreciated) wood and fine craftsmanship. The variety of beautiful massive slabs lining the walls of the showroom captured our interest.  We examined several completed pieces of furniture designed with obvious respect and understanding of the selected species. Each item was crafted with great care and the finishes begged to be touched. 

After several visits, seeing the knowledge and passion David and Kelley have for their work, we knew we wanted them to create a live edge table for our new home.  From the start, they were eager to design something unique reflecting our specific needs and desires.  David sought out the ideal slab we had described. Kelly helped with a myriad of design and practical aspects. They answered our questions, and asked many of their own, to come up with a table we would love.  f course, Benjamin was often nearby to make these design visits even more enjoyable.

After all the collaboration, they created a live edge table and two sturdy benches made from beautiful Moabi.  They delivered and carefully assembled these pieces in our dining room.  Their attention to detail, expert craftsmanship and their impeccable finishes resulted in a showpiece for our home and created a perfect gathering place for our family and friends.

David, Kelley and Benjamin have a true family business. Outside The Box Woodworking goes above and beyond to give clients a special and personal experience.  They will always be welcome at our (beautiful) table!

— Janice and Louis Oien

live edge dining table with benches


David and Kelley created a wonderful conference table for my office and a beautiful dining table and coffee table for my residence. For both locations they were willing to look at the existing flooring, chairs and space size. This was my first purchase of custom furniture and they made the experince pleasant and collaborative. All of my questions were answered honestly and they clarified the wood selection and finishing process which I was totally unfamiliar with. All of their estimates for delivery, costs and the quality of the product were always right on. Outside the Box Woodworking is definitely a quality company you will enjoy working with.

— Gene Wentworth

live edge conference table, dining table, coffee table


Dear David, Kelley, and Benjamin - Traci, the boys, and I wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude and overwhelming satisfaction with Outside The Box Woodworking. The 12' Live Edge Redwood Table and matching benches are exactly what we had hoped for, you nailed it!! From the moment my family stepped into your showroom and met your family, saw the quality of workmanship and pride of ownership, we were sold. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Trust me, being a contractor and small business owner myself, I know the importance of providing a high quality product at a fair price. Outside The Box Woodworking has done a great job accomplishing this. As you know, the table is now the showpiece of our family cabin at Lake Kachess. This past Thanksgiving, we were blessed to host a celebration for 18 family members. The food was excellent, the company was great, but the topic of conversation for the entire evening was the table. Everyone was blown away!! Thank you for making our home complete and we look forward to making many more memories around our new dining table.

— Steve, Traci, Collin & Kyle - Lake Kachess

natural edge dining table with slab benches


We are thrilled with the beautiful live edged dining room table that Outside the Box Woodworking crafted for us. David and Kelley made the entire process of custom table creation easy and fun. They are the type of business that you *want* to see do well. We're glad we got our custom order before word gets out about how amazing their products are. Their experience and skill gave us the dining room table of our dreams, and exceeded all of our expectations. Their commitment to client satisfaction cannot be understated.

— Outside The Box Woodworking clients, WA

live edge dining table


I can't say enough positive things about working with Kelley and David. We wanted a locally crafted centerpiece for our GH home and we got more than ever expected. From the way they worked with us in the design and selection process, to the impeccable craftsmanship and white glove delivery (with some serious help from Benjamin), we couldn't be more pleased. They exceeded our expectations on every level and made us feel special in the process. The amount of detail and care they put into their work is unmatched. We are excited to showcase their work to all who visit our home and dine with us. We also look forward to commissioning more from them in the future. We are truly beyond thrilled with our table!!! Thank you Kelley and David (aka Jeff). ;-)

— Marja and Derek (aka Victor) Moore - Gig Harbor, WA

inverted live edge dining table


David and Kelley are just awesome people. A rare breed in the business landscape these days, a pleasure to work with and they hold themselves to a higher standard then their customers ever could. It's obvious that they love what they do. The result is a piece of art, a desk in our case, that I probably spend more time admiring than sitting at. It's personalized to our needs and far superior in material, build & finish to any store bought product I'm aware of. To be honest, after seeing the final product, I feel a little guilty about our agreed upon price. We will have to make it up to them on the next project! I can not recommend them highly enough. What can I say...I love desk.

— Ryan & Nadia F. - Issaquah, WA

solid wood desk


From the first moment we met David and Kelley, they met and surpassed our every exception. We needed that final piece to complete our modern kitchen and living room remodel, and the table was just the piece. The communication was great and outcome beyond words. When the table had finished, David and Kelley delivered our table and set it up in our new space. We have a one of a kind, art piece, but it also is our dinning table to celebrate many memories in the future. They named our table Namaste and it is just that!

— Adam & Richard - Tacoma, WA

live edge dining table


What a beautiful table !! The wood grain, the design, the finish, the craftsmanship - just beautiful. It was a real pleasure working with David & Kelly on this project. They did a great job and built a very special table for us. Thanks.

— Hartwell & Shirley - Vaughn, WA

live edge coffee table


Extremely happy with my table! David and Kelley are very easy to work with and helped every step of the way - from design, to picking out wood, to delivery and installation. The communication was wonderful. The table came out just as expected! If you want a truly unique piece, built by people who really know and love their craft, this is where to go!

— Nicole C. - Gig Harbor, WA

live edge dining table


We wanted a locally made table, and we got it! They chose reclaimed wood from the PNW, and when they had the opportunity to give our table features that were even better than we had ordered, they came through. Now we have a gorgeous table that is the centerpiece of our house, and it is loved by all. It is a unique piece of functional art that will last for centuries. This is the real deal.

— James and Alex, Gig Harbor, WA

live edge dining table with bench


We couldn't be happier with the beautiful tables David and Kelly created for us. They are unique and beautiful pieces of art- perfectly constructed. It was so much fun to work together with them. Their enthusiasm and creativity are amazing and we would highly recommend them.

— Gary and Silvana - Gig Harbor

live edge coffee table, slab bistro dining table


My husband Mark and I have known David and Kelley for a few years now. We are actually the proud owners of one of their first dining tables, "The Blue River". That table is a subject of not only many compliments, but also massive envy from all that come to our house. We love to entertain, so it gets used rather heavily, but you could never tell by the looks of it. It still looks like a museum piece! Care is super easy too.

David has also crafted a walnut and glass barn style door for our living room: an absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind functional work of art.

It is always such a pleasure to visit David and Kelley in their work shop. All their pieces are unique in design and superb in quality. They work with you to come up with the look and materials that would best fit your need and taste. Their pricing is very moderate for the kind of work they do: most other similar places will charge you a lot more for lesser quality and common design. I cannot say enough good things about you guys! We hope to stay your friends and customers for the years to come!

— Mark&Katya - Gig Harbor

live edge door, live edge dining table


David and Kelley did an excellent job! We were extremely happy with their craftsmanship, creativity and promptness. They are a great young family who take pride in providing each individual with a quality product. Proud to support local business's and these two (four) provided excellent product and were great to work with.

— Mark Pivetta and Candy Riordan

live edge mantel


I have wanted a live edge table for our work space for a very long time. I wasn't sure if my budget could afford one, but Outside The Box Woodworking collaborated with me to find a solution that would work for my budget and I absolutely LOVE the table, so does everyone else who gets to sit at it! Outside the Box really went the extra mile and their finishing touches are amazing.

There are only a handful of vendors that I trust implicitly and to whom I am willing to grant creative cart blanche ... Outside the Box Woodworking is one of those special places that has my trust 100% and my continued business!

— Juanita Carbaugh, HOA Community Solutions - Gig Harbor WA

live edge conference table with benches


They did a gorgeous mahogany table and bench for us with a streak of red down it. We absolutely love it and the craftsmanship is amazing. Highly recommend them!!!       (via Facebook reviews)

Built us a beautiful dining table. The attention to detail and quality is excellent.       (via Google reviews)

Dennis & Jennifer G.

live edge dining table with bench


David and Kelley were so easy to work with. I went in with a general idea of a sofa table but no idea what wood I wanted. They patiently walked me around their shop exploring wood types and finishes until I kept picking out the same type of wood. The very next day Kelley sent a picture of a beautiful slab they found that perfectly fit what I was looking for. David listened to my idea for table legs and even called me in to design the exact look I wanted for the finished product. The table is a one of a kind masterpiece in artistry, and a focal point in the room it now sits in. I would happily work with them again!

— Joe and Darlinda J.

live edge console table


The table and bench David & Kelley made for us are breathtaking! From the first meeting with them, through the design process, and into delivery, you can clearly sense the love they have for their work and their customers. When I contacted them about making the furniture, they took the time to understand what elements were important to me and designed pieces that were well beyond my imagination and expectations. When determining the type of wood I wanted, they let me take home multiple samples so I could see them in the home and know I was making the best choice for the space. After we decided on the wood and finalized the design, they finished the pieces and delivered them in no time at all. When you use the furniture and see the craftsmanship involved, it is clear that the quality is far superior to furniture you see in stores. I am ecstatic about the work they did, and every time I pass by the table or bench in the house, I smile. They made what would have otherwise been just another piece of furniture into a work of art that I will cherish for a lifetime. I love this company and I look forward to working with them in the future!

— Brandi H. - Gig Harbor, WA

solid wood entry bench, console table


David crafted a beautiful live edge octogon table of sapele wood to match our dining room. Both David and Kelley provided excellent ideas and service as the project progressed. We were completly satisfied with the result which comfortably seats eight people. We look at this as both a visual and functional work of art. Thank you Kelley and David for a job exceeding our expectations!

— Kjell & DeAnna Fintland

live edge dining table


We are more than satisfied with our dining room table and the customer service. The craftsmanship of the table is incredible and exceeded my expectations. What made the process even better was the customer service from David and Kelley. They were great to work with and highly recommend them. I can't wait to have our family Christmas dinner at our new 10 ft dining table.

— Chris & Carol C. - Albuquerque, NM

live edge dining table


We were so fortunate to have David and Kelley build a memorial bench for our family. We really appreciated how Kelley checked in with us frequently throughout the process. Thanks to David's amazing design and woodworking skills we ended up with a beautiful bench that our family will cherish for years to come.

— Brittany & Brian S. - Tacoma, WA

live edge bench


David and Kelly made our first piece in early 2014. A beautiful live edge red cedar bar that is the centerpiece of our family room, and the envy of all. We loved the piece so much, when it came time for a full house remodel, Outside the Box was the go-to place for our dining room table, coffee table and end tables. Made of white oak, all from a local tree, these pieces are eye-popping beautiful, and absolutely unique. The fit and finish is flawless, and the distinctive grain and live edge make these items true works of art. David is a master craftsman! People love to touch the bar and tables, and marvel at the quality. All the items are miles above top-of-the-line mass production furniture, and one-of-a-kind unique. David and Kelly worked unbelievably hard to make sure we received exactly the what we wanted, even refinishing the dining table to create the perfect look. Finally, they built all the items quickly, at an exceptionally reasonable price.             Thanks guys!

— Chuck and Amy Dunbar - Fox Island, WA

live edge dining table, living room set, bar


When I first walked into the shop and met David, we kicked around what I was looking for, and there it was, a slab of maple leaning up against the wall. I feel the tables were already made and we were just there to see it come to be. Every aspect of the process flowed from the beginning to the end and the finished product is beautiful!

The Table: When I see the table, I see the woodworker, I see his wife, I see his son, I see his dog, I see his joy, I see his pain, I see the sun, I see the rain, I see the logger, I see the mud, I see we are all one.

— Mike and Sue H. - Key Peninsula, WA

live edge coffee table, end table set


We couldn't be more happy with our tables that David made for us. If you are looking for something special and unique I highly recommend seeing David. Go visit his workshop and see the amazing work that he does!

— Rick & Gayle Manning

live edge coffee table, end table set


Memorial Day weekend and our opportunity to show off our amazing new table to friends and family during our annual backyard BBQ.....so many compliments and so many "oooohs and ahhhhs" with folks admiring a true piece of art....David and Kelley, wow, it turned out so amazing --once again, thanks for your creativity, your workmanship and your talent!!!! We love it and so do our friends and family.......

— Dennis and Casandra Downey - Dupont, WA

live edge patio table top


We were going to go with a giant granite slab for a table top that seats 12 for our new lake house but I kept seeing the beautiful wood slabs on the side of the hill off Highway 16 and finally decided to stop in and check them out. After seeing samples of their fantastic and beautiful woodwork, we decided to go with a 96" x 52" x 2" Hickory plank slab to match our Hickory cabinets. It took less than 3 weeks and the end result was fantastic. It's the focal point of our great room and everyone that sees it loves it. I'm so glad we took the time to stop and see the quality work and products they produce at Outside The Box. Friendly, helpful staff and great craftsmanship. I would highly recommend them.

— Rich and Jill - North Tacoma and Spencer Lake, WA

solid wood island top


We are both fans of beautiful wood, and had always dreamed of having a live edge dining room table. Driving west on Highway 16, new to Gig Harbor, we saw the slab of wood and sculpture sitting on the trailer near David & Kelley's shop, so one day we stopped. We spent a couple of hours just talking to David and Chilly, getting to know them and seeing David's passion for his work firsthand. Didn't take us long to go back and sign up for that table; on our second visit we met Kelley and Benjamin, the rest of the team. It's been a pleasure to work with a family with a true passion for what they do. Thank you, and we wish you all the success in the world!

—  Kirk & Nancy T., Gig Harbor, WA

live edge dining table


Simple Elegance.... My living room console table wasn't a huge project, but I was never made to feel like my project wasn't a worthwhile endeavor. All I knew was I wanted a console table. I had no clue about what wood, what legs, or even the overall look of the project. With David's guidance and expertise I ended up with exactly what I had in mind - a simply beautiful table. Thanks David & Kelley for all your help, understanding, and unequaled craftsmanship.

— Cindi S. - Federal Way, WA

live edge console table


Love my new table! Dave and Kelley were easy to work with and super fast with answering any questions I had along the way. Would highly recommend Outside the Box Woodworking!       (via Google Reviews)

— Mary Beck

live edge dining table


David and Kelly did an outstanding job creating our "Hip to be Square" African rosewood, countertop-height dining table. It is the centerpiece of our home and we could not be more pleased. The design itself is simple yet sophisticated, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. From choosing the perfect slab to the final delivery of our beautiful table, the process was exciting and FUN. Everything OTB Woodworking makes is a masterpiece and our gorgeous table is no exception. Thank you, OTB!

— Ryan and Karen Heilman

live edge bistro dining table


David and Kelley are amazing to work with. We wanted a distinctive table for a particular living room wall, and from the time we walked into their shop, they helped us firm up the idea and then proceeded to create just what we needed: a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of art made with exquisite workmanship that is the highlight of our room.

— Mark & Judy V - Gig Harbor, WA

live edge console table