Our client is a connoisseur of chocolate truffles and this rich bookmatched Walnut table, filled with swirling bronze, is a delectable set for dessert tastings!

Live edge Walnut table Fox Island

The smooth curves of the legs in Walnut are a beautiful balance for the slab top and the bench.

Walnut dining table Fox Island, WA

Each set of legs we make are custom for the specific table. In this case, the dining table is on the more narrow side, and the legs were built to fit the table nicely.

Walnut dining table with bench

The end cuts from the live edge slabs were able to be joined to become the top of the bench. The doubled up mirrored grain has a neat look.

Dining room Walnut table

Our clients’ pretty Fox Island, Washington home has a sweet dining set! The rich cocoa chairs complement the table well. Lovely natural light illuminates this nice eating area.