This sweet Walnut burl coffee table shows off its graft line. This is where a 2nd tree grew from the supportive roots of the original tree. 

Black Walnut coffee table

Growers start Black Walnut trees in their orchards because the roots are very stable and strong. Then, the trees are topped and an English Walnut tree is grafted on it. The English Walnut trees produce desirable nuts for the farmers. Eventually, when the trees stop producing, they are removed and we get to salvage the beautiful logs.

Contemporary live edge table

So many great textures in the live edge, it has unique features from every side! A nice variety of tones really shine in the light.

Organic edge Walnut table

We went with 3 of these awesome contemporary legs, they have cool look with the organic shape of the slab.

Live edge Walnut slab top

Our client’s mom had the idea of going with a live edge table for the new living room. Now that mom has passed, this table is even more special. We are happy that we were able to create this heart warming table for a really nice Tacoma family.