We talked quite a bit with our client about the seasons of life.  It was extra fitting that this particular slab has a intriguing story to tell too, with distinct growth rings that highlights the tree's history.

Radius edge solid wood dining

This live edge slab is Sipo Mahogany, a sustainably sourced wood from Africa.  The soft tones of this beautiful hardwood have long sweeping rings and ribbons of grain.

Sleek wood dining table

The radius edge of this custom dining table has an elegant dimension.  Our client decided these softer edges would be the safest choice for her two giant dogs who's eye level is right at the table's top!

Custom wood table Washington

The lighter sides of the live edge have undertones of gray.  The subtle texture adds character with a refined style.

Custom table Silverdale

A peek under the table shows how the legs were built. This design provides ample support, allowing for many spots to bolt in the slab top.