A silly name for a seriously gorgeous table!  This custom slab dining table got a swirling center of bronze.

Custom table Seattle

We laughed with our clients about a mix up of names, so we had some fun with the name of their table.  Despite its wacky name, this inverted live edge table is nothing short of victorious!

Seattle custom dining table

The legs are what we call our "Sand & Sea" style.  The title comes from the dining table of the same name that we first built earlier this year.  We love the timeless look they have, and the slate finish looks excellent with the slab top.

Wood dining table Seattle

This beautiful hardwood, Moabi, received one of our signature techniques, the inverted live edge.  The wavy edges create a perfect space in the center for a glistening fill of color. 

River Table Washington state

The cut linear edges are beautifully refined and great for practicality.  The inverted live edge gives a fantastic feature up the middle of this custom dining table.