Outside The Box Samudosky
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
— Henry Ford
Outside The Box Gig Harbor


David and I (Kelley) became great friends in 2008, while working together at a restaurant in downtown Seattle.  Years later, we got to travel around the country with our awesome dog Chilly, and moved back East to live in David's home state of Connecticut.   

There, we got a call from his brother, Jeff.  His business, JMS Wood Sculpture was thriving in Gig Harbor and he had the perfect shop and space to display his work.  As soon as he mentioned the idea of us moving out to join him, we jumped at the opportunity.  

photo credit: Tallevi Studios


We spent most of 2011 assisting Jeff with his work and dabbled in creating some pieces of our own. It wasn't long before we found that David had an incredible talent for building; and the two of us shared an eye for style and table design.

The passion started there, with every new project just as exciting as the last.  In the summer of 2012, David and I were married at the peak of Whistler Mountain in Canada.   After that, we started our next adventure:  the official launch of our company.  

Samudosky family

AND GROWING                               

Since that time, our business has grown along with our family.  Our greatest masterpiece, "The CEO" Benjamin, joined our team in 2015.  We are beyond lucky to have this amazing little person in our lives.  Having him requires us to work harder to build our future, yet take more time off to enjoy the present.                                                                      


Outside The Box Woodworking logo

OUR Logo

We created a design that features our very own inukshuk.  To us, it is a symbol of what we can accomplish together. With many trips to Canada, we learned about the history of the native Inuit people who made them of stacked stones as a form of communication along trails.  Each one is different in shape and size and has a meaning which could be a variety of things from:  "food is near" or "someone was here."   Our favorite:  "you are on the right path."