Outside The Box furniture philosophy

Our focus is building a company based on honesty, integrity, and more simply: 

to be people that you enjoy and want to do business with.

Kelley and David Samudosky


Our goal is to create remarkable furniture with innovative ideas and creativity.  As a husband and wife team, we are building our dream one piece at a time.  By working with our clients, we get to build their dream table, which becomes so much more than a product off a sales room floor. 

It is easy to dedicate ourselves to this business and put in long days, because we love what we do. The reward is earning clients, that we now call friends, who are proud to own an Outside The Box Woodworking piece. 

Live edge dining table Seattle


Our company started with salvaging local logs and milling them to build live edge tables. The scope of our business has shifted over the years to less of us milling the logs, and more into handpicking specific slabs. We seek out wood purveyors that source their wood ethically by offering salvaged and/or sustainable woods. This way, we can focus on having an inventory of premium slabs that will become an outstanding table.

Why live edge? Why slab?

When the bark is removed, the live edge is revealed which adds nice texture and personality to a finished table. Even for tables without the natural edges, the entire slab tells a story and each is completely unique. There is something awesome about seeing how the tree grew by looking at characteristics of the wood. Cool bug trails, growth rings, spots where limbs were once cut off, graft lines, holes from old metal spikes, and many other interesting things are found in a slab. Most of all, the grain and figure of the wood provide the most beauty and we search for the best.

Live edge dining table Seattle, WA


We understand that there are plenty of places to buy your new table.  We also understand that this is an investment, and we want to make sure it is a great one.  

The awesome thing about our job is that we don't have to be pushy sales people, because the wood sells itself.  We always say "when you see it, you'll know!"

It is important to us to spend the extra time talking about the process of how we build our solid wood tables.  By describing details such as:  drying and acclimating the slabs, the differences in wood types, finishes we use, and much more.  We hope to have a conversation that can provide valuable insight to help you make the best choices.   

Solid wood table Seattle


We are true believers in the durability and beauty of solid wood. Plywood and veneers are not our game. Whether we build your custom table out of a slab or by joining dimensional boards, it will be solid wood.

Life happens to tables. Sometimes the surface can be damaged and need to be repaired. With a table being real wood all the way through, we know it can refinished without risk of sanding past a thin layer of a glued facade.