Custom tables Outside The Box

All of our tables are custom made. The process of creating a your very own table with us is fun!

Contacting us and planning a visit to our shop is how it begins.

Live edge Walnut Seattle


Start by contacting us to let us know what you're seeking.  We'll be happy to have you visit our shop, and once you're here, we can chat in even more detail.

By having a general idea of the size and color tones you prefer, we can explore the possibilities, see what catches your eye, and note the ideal dimensions to fit your space. 

We'll look at the different types of wood, comparing the color tones and characteristics of each species. One of our available slabs may be just right, or we can discuss what wood can be sourced from our suppliers.  

Browsing through our portfolio can help spawn ideas to help give you a vision of what you’d like your table to be. Mix and match the top of one table to a leg style of another. See what woods your eyes are drawn to. Notice if you gain a preference for live edge, linear edge, an epoxy river, etc.


Custom epoxy resin river table


An inverted live edge is one of our signature techniques. We started doing this many years ago, and always love the look. We arrange the live edge facing itself down the center of the table. With this, the outside edge of the table gets a cut, smooth edge without sacrificing beautiful interest and natural features. It can be the best of both worlds. A live edge river table can have:

Epoxy- this is one of our original signatures. the centerline can be filled with one of our exclusive blends of epoxy resin in a variety of colors from bold blue to shimmering bronze.

Glass- the opening can be spanned with a custom cut rectangular section of clear starfire glass, which creates an elegant and modern look.

Air- the center can be open-air which is excellent for boardroom and conference tables where phone and laptop cords can drop through the middle.

Modern wood table San Francisco


We also build slab tables with the live edge cut off. This is most appealing to clients that love the look of the natural wood slab, but prefer linear edges.

A table top can also be created by joining dimensional boards. A really nice look can be achieved and this also gives us more choice in terms of wood species too.

The linear edges work well for a variety of homes whether they are modern, contemporary, or traditional. The practicality is great since we have the most flexibility in customizing the dimensions.

Plus, we are not limited to rectangles. We can fashion tables in any shape. Think square, oval, racetrack, boat-shaped, and round. Oh, the possibilities!

Modern live edge table Tacoma


All of our table legs are custom built by us, in our shop. They are designed specifically and made for their table to ensure that the dimensions make sense for balance and stability, aesthetics and practicality.

We have about 30 leg styles to choose from, and continually morph designs to make them unique and perfect for their table. Whether you like the look of the sleek slate color, or prefer to carry the nice wood grain under the table, our designs can me made either way.

There are many ways to create legs and bases for tables, and they can change the look instantly. We'll be happy to show you our designs and see what suits your style best. If you are envisioning something specific, we'd love to see about using it as an inspiration.

Live edge slab tables Outside The Box


Similar to buying a car or a house, there is a wide spectrum of prices depending on what you're looking for, what features are most important to you, and what you'd like to invest.  

Having a general budget in mind helps us narrow down the options with you to create the perfect table.

Lucky for us, we don't have to include a hefty overhead, like a downtown storefront or a staff of employees into our costs. 

Even with approachable pricing, we are able to maintain artisan quality with innovative design, and our clients get an incredible value.  


Live edge coastal table


Our many clients have us very busy with their orders, and we are fortunate to have a full calendar!  

Lead times for new tables are currently several months out, due to the sheer volume of orders on our list. Contact us to find out our current timeline status.