Outside The Box craftsmanship
For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic,
the quality, has to be carried all the way through. 
— Steve Jobs
Custom woodworking shop

Full Finishing

We complete the entire piece. Even the undersides of our tables are sanded and finished to look just as attractive as the top.

You won't find things like poor joinery, glue drips, pencil marks or ugly screws when you look underneath our tables.

Our products receive high quality, durable finishes with UV protection, which are low maintenance and practical for real use.  


Custom wood table maker


For all tables with hardware, we choose fasteners that work for the design and inset them to give a clean and attractive look.

Since screws strip out,  we secure the tops of our large slab tables to their legs with specialty bolts that fit into matching metal inserts.

You can feel confident that the legs or base of a table will go off and on as many times as needed without issue.

This is extra important for our clients who will eventually be moving their table to a new home, especially military families.


Outside The Box console table

Heirloom Quality

We take pride in everything we create and aim for our products to be built so well, they'll last for generations.  

By taking the time to focus on the extra steps, like the ones listed above, we know that the quality is there.

It may seem basic, but we are shocked how often we find simple details like these overlooked.


Live edge waterfall table

Check Please

We encourage all potential clients to look closely when shopping around. Take a peek under the table, check out the fasteners, or look at that drawer a bit closer.

We are proud to show off every inch of our work, top and bottom, inside and out.